Writing new book, brainstorming!

I was going through my folders of unfinished stories I’ve written over the years -and because I made this blog to motivate myself into completing something- I’ve chosen one. Although, I was undecided for a good moment, because I also found a thriller I was having fun with. Anyhow, I’ve decided to go ahead and finish this “romance” I started last year. My issue being, I have always despised stories that portray the female as an incompetent, damsel in distress, man-relying ditz. I am always pro strong and independent female stories, who could take on the world herself if she wanted to. Buuutt, all at the same time, what girl doesn’t melt like butter at a good, heart pinching, dream romance? This one will be taking me a while to get into order, while I work on the perfect story-line to spell out both of my desires. And you all will be the first to find out if I succeed at this or not! I might even do some sort of online contest to pick someone to do the art cover if I *so wisfully* get it published. And even if I don’t, I would still love to have copies to share with my friends and families. Now, back to pen and paper, keys and screen to get this started, and finally, FINISHED!

❤ Sky


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