Getting there! 300 pages in

Hello, everyone!

Thank you for sticking with me. I have just re-located with my job so I have been all sorts of busy.  But, I have been sticking with the story, and I am about 300 pages in to it! I am so excited. If I keep at it, and read it over again, I may be able to find an editor for this book by the end of this year.

I have four other stories lined up after this one, but till then, I need to remain focused. It’s such an unbelievable feeling, making up your own characters, writing their stories, living your fantasies through them. I haven’t been able to stop writing this romance. As I said, I don’t enjoy reading romances/dramas, or any story for that matter, where the girl is incompetent and overly needy. Therefore, I will not be writing one which displays such a girl. I do love how this character turned out, she’s brave, strong-willed and very passionate. I can only hope that my readers will agree!

I don’t want to give too much out about the story just yet, but this will most likely be the only Drama/Romance I will ever write, because normally, it isn’t my type. It all began with a very odd dream I had years ago, and it made my heart flutter. *swoon* The next story I will be working on after that, is a thriller, something my imagination went straying off about one day. I have had other writers take a look at it a couple of years ago and they have fallen in love with the plot, so with that pressure, I have to make sure I get it right! Gah, there I go again, must focus. You guys need to push on me! Focus focus focus! 

Well, that is it for me right now, seeing as I am at work right now and better get back to it. Once again, thank you all who have followed my blog. You guys are most definitely my inspiration to keep at it, need to make you proud!

All yours,



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