About My Dreams and Goals

This is a long post, I’ve got a lot to get off my chest, and this is the first step in overcoming what’s left of my fears.

I have been writing stories for as long as I could remember. I grew up with a mother who was devoted as an avid reader and took me on many far out journeys with the magic of bedtime stories. I remember begging my mom to teach me to read so I could read by myself when she wasn’t able to. By the age of three, I remember wrapping myself up into countless books, determined to get better.

It was after a project early on in gradeschool, when I realized storytelling is what I wanted to do more than anything in the world. We were told do draw pictures and write a story to fill a book we would get laminated and sent home to our parents. I had so much fun doing this and pleaded for my teacher to let me keep going. Before I knew it, my mom had boxes of stories my little mind crazily stirred up.

Then we moved to Texas, and I was absolutely bored out of my mind with my new environment, and new people. So, (HUGE Disney kid I am…) I started writing my own Disney stage shows! (Also OBSESSED with theater and Broadway) But had no one but my stuffed animals, baby brother and Siberian Husky, Bliss, to help play out the parts. Later I started making new friends and finally had little peons *coughs* friends to reenact my scenes! On the  side of our neighborhood streets, we would blast a stereo and perform our show, gathering kids from all around to watch our play and add on to later plays. Looking back to my childhood, I realized I couldn’t have been more lucky to have been blessed with such a great childhood. I still see them as my family to this day. Ya’ll know who you are. =)

As the years flew by, I was still up and at ’em, writing away, new worlds, mysteries, and romantic endeavors. I would share my stories to my friends in school, submit them to a children’s Highlight magazine, and then on to our school’s extra curricular programs. It wasn’t until I left high school, when I realized how scary the world can actually be. Seeing horrifying book reviews left and right, my inability to choose just one genre, I felt like I’d need like twenty pseudonyms! It was mostly the people though… I always felt I would never be one of the lucky ones to have devoted readers. Witnessing that madness, and with all the pain from other drama later in my life, I grew to be insecure, something I’ve never felt in my life. I was left with no confidence to push through.

However, that did not hinder my passion to write. My problem on hand, I had no other writers to surround myself with for emotional and creative support, no one to share with, and  stories remained to spill from out my head but with not a place to go but jammed binders, ragged spiral notebooks, and storage boxes. In 2008, I was laid off from my accounting job and ended up in just the right spot. At my new job, I met two other writers. One of which submits his shorts in a monthly magazine and another who had a love for screenplays. Between the three of us, we would bounce ideas back and forth, and critique each other. Together, they built back up my long lost confidence, claiming I had a lot going for me. But I still wasn’t convinced… I was so extremely harsh on myself.

Over the last couple years, I was slowly losing my inspiration… beginning a story here and there, only to put it to the side to dust for ages.

Then I met one of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. Krystle. Like me, she too was an avid reader and we’d gush about characters and swoon over some faaaantasticly dangerous heroes. I was introduced to a series by Karen Marie Moning through her and I suddenly felt like a whole new person. Karen’s writing has such a charming, captivating pull, and her ability to create a world that I’d want to escape to, awoke my snoozing motivation. I was so touched by her characters and their adventures, my characters in hiding, finally wanted to come out to play, too.

Then there’s Goodreads. I found a fabulous group there where I felt I could relate to a lot of its members, they were hilarious and kept me wanting to come back every day. I was astounded to see how many writers I came across there, very many of which have published their own books. After speaking to them and asking how they braved their first published book, a new warmth of bravery stunned me. Though the reviews I ran across from time to time were scary, I found that there was just as many good reviews for different books. My spirits lifted a little, finally seeing the truth, it’s possible, and obviously not everyone is going to like every thing they read, right? If I followed my heart…perhaps I too could have people to share mine with…

One day, Krystle joked how fun it would be to have a book club like Felicia Day, and we giggled about it for a while and fantasized about what we could talk about. Days later, I felt like re-reading the newest installation to the Fever series by KMM,  my head was screaming to write my first book review on GR’s to vent HOW MUCH I loved the book. I was typing up my review when it struck me…it seriously could happen! We should totally go through with it! Krystle and I were allwayyss laughing at ourselves and our fantasies of different characters, together we could write up some spectacular reviews, be our geeky selves, and share with the world the things that make us laugh and swoon. Together we cheered and jumped right on to it LOL, thus, The Booknatics were born! *coughsclickherecough* The Booknatics *halo*

This last year has been so much fun for us, and we have met so many new authors in the indie publishing world and support them in their endeavor to live their dreams. After speaking to many of them, I noticed something, my courage was transforming right before me. All I needed now was that – push -.

A couple of weeks ago, our friend Tina posted on Facebook that she’s putting together an anthology. I thought it was so cool and had intentions to tell her good luck and I couldn’t wait to see the outcome…little did I know what I walked into LOL. By heavens, I received the push I’ve been waiting all these years for. Tina and friends dried my doubt, rooted me on to sign up for the very last spot in the book.

Now, at the risk of sounding totally stalkerish (lol!) crazy, my slowly repairing self-esteem all goes to the thanks of Krystle, Bryan, Tina, Heather, our GR’s Kick group friends who have all been so wonderful to me with words of encouragement! (Which I will be providing the links to follow their pages for!) Definitely my parents and my wonderful man Tim. This blog will be used to keep that momentum going. I promised said friends, I will not back out now. If I don’t feel comfortable with something I am writing, and need some feed-back, I know I can fall back on them and trust their honest word to better myself. Can it be happening? Will I become a published author?

My actions from here, will only tell. =) On this blog, I will post my experience of daily dares, things I would never do before, that I would always hold back because people were around, and I will push myself further. I will also share excerpts for feedback, and general questions to help me cope through new struggles. I want to thank everyone in advance for being here with me to help me get through. =)

Through, this all, Krystle remains to be the best friend I could ask for! In the very near future, you’ll be seeing a lot of our new stories we plan to co-write. I am SO excited!

My other passions include so many other things such as; Art/Sketching/Painting/Digital – Performing/Dancing/Singing/Acting- Music/Instruments and I think most of all, Nature and all of it’s glory.

Follow these amazing people who have filled me with inspiration:
Links provided by Facebook and Goodreads 
Tina Pollick | Dawna Raver | E.C. Adams | Sophia Jones | P.A. Lupton | Rosanna Leo  | Nulli Para Ora  | Yuri Bellamy | Kishan Paul | Renea Mason | Allyson Lindt | Sofia Grey |

And, here’s mine: https://www.facebook.com/SkysWriting
For those interested and follow this blog and my FB page, I will post offers for BETA and Read-to-Review offers for honest feedback and ratings. I appreciate your help, and maybe one day, I’ll have something out there that can be loved, too. Excited to see where this path takes me. Couldn’t do it without my friends and family.


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