I am going to be in my first Anthology!!!!!


Hi, all! Thank you for sticking around with me, been super busy! My friend Krystle and I combined our book-blogs into one for The Booknatics, so we’ve been having a lot of fun with ARC reads and meeting wonderful authors.
Which brings me to my next thing I wanted to share. Thanks to one awesome author who gave me that final push I needed to get out there and finish a story to finally share with people/things other than what’s at home (lol) she is hosting my story in her Housewife Fantasy Anthology.
Lookie there! my name is there!

There’s quite a few other newbie authors such as much joining, very exciting! The book will be released sometime in August. Keep an eye out! There will be a story for everyone in this anthology. Different genres and different thrills.

Also, I stumbled upon a picture that reminds me of a certain scene I wrote near the end *shifty gaze*

I will be revamping this blog too to match the one I have for Blogger for those who don’t follow there, I am really excited to be burying my fear of the public view. Slowly, but surely, I will conquer my fear and wipe all the dust off my stories in storage, and bear what people may think, muahhaha


Here’s a link to my blogger: http://skyswriting.blogspot.com/
There, I will be giving out free copies of my stories for reviews and ratings and honest feed-back! I will be writing a bit of everything to publish. YA, PNR, Paranormal Thrillers, Mysteries, Crime-Thriller, Contemp-Erotic Romance(under a penname), and also a blog series.

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New Blog on Google! YAY!

Hello fellow, Bloggers! Thank you for all your support on WordPress over the last few months! As you know a friend and I run a blog together called The Booknatics, and we have officially created a new merged blog on Google!

It would mean the world to me if you follow us there! Things to look forward to are; Give-Aways, News on new releases and movie announcements, fun reviews by the both of us, promotions for authors and other fellow bloggers, Google+ Hangout chats with friends and authors, and make great new friends! The Booknatics isn’t just a place for Krystal and I to do reviews, but for book fanatics every where to make new friends and discuss books. Come join in on the fun, and thank you in advanced! We’ll follow you back if you’d like, just let us know. 😉 Hope to see you soon! Here’s our links


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Join us in all the bookly fun!

Join us in all the bookly fun!

We have finally gathered some of our favorite ladies to talk books! We are going to pop open some bottles of wine, liquor, beer, your liquid weapon of choice, and gush about fictional characters, spectacular novels, and just have a whole lot of fun. We have decided on this Thursday, (Tomorrow the 28th) Most likely around nighttime. Join our Facebook page to keep an eye out what time we begin, and to be given instructions for an invite. Hope to see you all there!
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How I vision my characters as I write…

Lana Del Rey and Paul Marron

Lana Del Rey and Paul Marron

Alright, don’t laugh too hard at my botchy job! I got a tad bored today and played around with some cover ideas. This is as close as I could get how I vision my characters in this Brazilian thriller I am writing… Searching for the right model to portray my “Jared Stirling” I found Paul Marron… That’s when I realized, “Holy crap, he’s on SO many of my favorite books covers and I have yet to realize that…” But, with grey eyes and hair just a bit longer, swept back and down to his ears, is my Jared.

And then, there’s the stunning “Lana Del Rey”. Only, in my book, Gemma has eyes that are as beautiful as emeralds. This is pretty much my dream cover. Well…with a professional touch and maybe even actual poses. I don’t think I will be recieving any Photo of the Year award for this, for goodness sake. Unless I was nominated by a preschool 😀 *ponders the photo*

I also figured out a somewhat perfect setting in the Amazon, finally. Their main “hub” and go-to town is Iquitos. It’s full of culture, tourists (which allows Gemma to take her vacation to) and plenty of markets to stock up on food and our ‘bad’ guys can head back out and survive in the jungle.

Hidden beneath all this foliage somewhere, on either side, far or near, up or down the river , hides the bad guys. You’ll never find them, and if you do… *evil laughter*

So… there you have it. I am still working on the chemistry between the plot, setting, characters, and dialogue, but I know how it will begin and how it ends, and some climaxes, and turns and wooaaahhh, there goes my mind spinning again. Anyhoooo, thought it would be fun to share some of the stuff I am working on and researching with you guys =D
AH yes, as you see I have solved last night’s dilemma of name picking. What do you guys think? Jared Stirling and Gemma Ainsley.

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Male Name Ideas! List your favorites! =D

HALP! Annyyonnnee lol. I need help with guy names for a story I am working on. I was thinking Daegan, Alec, Vaughn, uhh, stumped. The male antonganist is slightly detached and ambiguous, but courageous. Feel free to spew off some ideas in the comment section, desperate need of awesome names. Thanks! ❤

My Brazilian Crime Thriller…Romance?

Research Help!Yet another writing project started! I had a whacky dream… many a times now. I can’t share exactly what it is about only because I am using this intense adventure as a sign of it needing to be a novel, not that it’s going to be perfect or anything! Buuut, I am going to have a lot of fun with this, I just know it!

Though, I have a few things I need to research before I adapt this dream into a book idea… Firstly, I need to understand the laws and police of Brazil. Second, geography, mainly the forests, I need to figure out if it’s possible to have “farmland” on any part or near the Amazon borders. (Peru, Columbia, etc…) A good ways away from the nearest town, but still close enough to where a group of people could survive by going into town when they need food, gas, etc. There are a few times in my dream where…again..without spoiling…the police arrived on this “farmland” in search of a missing girl, the bad guys have special precautions to take when they see any vehicle coming towards the property in order to hide their “activity”.

I know anything is possible in Fiction, but I want to be able to make it as realistic as I can. Like, (don’t laugh at me =p) is it too far out there that they would need solar panels to power the house, or if there are indeed people who reside on farmlands in the forest near the Amazons supplied with electricity sufficiently? I need to work a way around this farmland in the middle of the forest (Dreams can be weird, I know!) while being checked out once in a while by police without being evicted from illegal placement of a residence. If this isn’t possible, I shall move my book to a new continent! Oi, my brain is scattered, but I guess this comes with concocting a novel from a crazy dream. I am reading up on a lot of articles and sponging information, but any help would be fabulous! Please bear with my ignorance hahahha.


After doing some research, I have come to conclude that I will just have to set my book a lil further in the future, as they are in the process of building the Belo Monte Dam to harness power for the Amazon! DING DING! Ahh, half the fun of writing is the research!  (Still, any help on law enforcement would be awesome!!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belo_Monte_Dam I heard the sad story recently about the state of Para now that I think about it, so out of respect, I think I am going to move my story far from that area >.>

Book Blogs are fun!

I’ve made a new blog here, and it’s such a wonderful creative outlet for me, I enjoy discussing different views on many genres of books, and just have tons of fun with it.  I am slowly transferring a lot of the book reviews I’ve written  to WordPress to share with the blogging world. This newest addiction began after a few winning entries on Goodreads.com for advanced copy books, soon before I knew it, I had more authors ask if I would exchange a review for a book. As a book collector to begin with, this was just an awesome amazing thing for me, totally unleashed the nerdy-kid outta me. Having a love for writing and expressing, this has been a perfect hobby. I am hoping to expand to be able to meet more new authors and spread the word of their great talent.  

My friend and I have started a blog together as well. Her and I have obsessed over books for a while now, and find ourselves quite caught up in these amazing fictional worlds from a variety of our favorite authors build, and we often find our conversations hilarious, soooo, we decided to open up to the world and get more people to join in and chat with us! We will be beginning a Google Hangout with author/book discussions, skits, give aways, and more! If you are interested in becoming a Booknatic, you can find us here at these links =D
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Amazon Self Publishing

I know it’s been a while since I have been around, work has been nuts! But I hope you’re all still with me! I have finally finished the book I was working on, and I am excited to see where I go from here. I am going to give self publishing a try on Amazon for a while, and once I am done editing and what not, I wouldn’t mind giving a few of my readers a free copy to be rated!

I, myself, do book reviews as well. I have been looking for a good place to create a blog just purely for book reviews. Any suggestions? We are on Facebook at this moment, and you can find us at Facebook.com/TheBooknatics. I will be around today, hoping to adjust some stuff around on this blog to see how I can fit in my book reviews =) Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

Life and Death

Sunny, the King of the Chirps

Hello, Friends.

Man, I must say… If the end of the world isn’t this year, then I must just be cursed. I have some grieving to get off my chest. I am not trying to be melodramatic or seeking attention, but writing is and always will be my outlet… thank you for being here with me =) But, this year, I have lost my grandmother, two cats, a dog, and early this morning, my Cockatiel Sunny. The last 5 years he has brought songs and cheer to my life, with every one of his favorite songs, he’d dance and chirp happily away to it. I would let him fly around the house, and let him play in the trees in the yard, feed him fruit, spoil him so. But, with the stress of work and life lately, had lessened my time with him, though I always sang to him and talked to him every night.

But I can’t help but feel guilty that it had been a while since I have let him out to fly around the house as he loved so much. I have always had these dreams where I would fly, and the feeling of my wings spreading and gliding through the air I had imagined what pure bliss it must feel like to do so. I could only imagine what it felt like for a bird in this very real world. I cried and cried, hysterical when I lost each of my loved ones this year. But, just about twenty minutes ago, I had imagined Sunny flying and flying, circles around the happiest place he can imagine, and I instantly felt so relieved. Could this be what death is like? Is death a blessing?

Again, I am not depressed, I do not wish to go and end my life, but, think about it. Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? No matter how bad your family had it, poor, rich, what ever, not a care in the world, mortality was the least of your worries. Maybe you too were easily amused, imagination so vivid you could make up your own world and lose yourself in it. Oh the adventures that took me around the world, was just a yard and pure innocence away…Jungle gyms became a pirate ship, trampolines turned into the dark and mysterious outter space where gravity had no chains on you, a couple of chairs and a blanket was a tent set up in the scariest most curious forest. That is what I hope we have to look forward to, life after death. Whether it may be Heaven, or any world that your mind creates. Where you are reunited with so many long lost loved ones, where I hope all my pets, all my family is there waiting for us. Where no one is scared, no poverty, no starvation, no restrictions to what your heart desires.

I think after visioning my Nana with her mother, and her loved ones, my cats wrestling around at the feet of my grandparents, and Sunny flying higher and wider than ever before, it makes me not so afraid of dying anymore. I used to fear death, there was so much I wanted to do, and achieve before my time ends. But this world is cruel, our country is falling apart, men and women all over the world are risking their lives for their country, their family, and making sacrifices because times are hard.

People live every day stressing and dreading what the day may bring and go to bed for the night with plans already on their mind on how to survive the next day with a sane mind. Most people are too busy to stop and take a breather, because they are in such a tight spot, living paycheck to paycheck, trying to feed their kids before themselves, or worrying when the next job will be available so they are no longer unemployed. It astounds me how big corporations are living the comfy life, laying one person off after another most of the time, just to have more money for themselves. I’ve seen this so many times. I’ve met so many people that HAVE worked hard, but can’t get any further because of greedy corps. Inflation is rising, and jobs aren’t paying enough to compensate. People are struggling. I am struggling.

I pray, that life is just a test, like an obstacle to overcome and conquer… to prove you are deserving of the euphoria that awaits… the hard earned medal at the end of the course. I truly believe that you don’t know true happiness till your life here is complete. No more war, no more watching your loved ones going through pain and suffering, just pure happiness and love. I just can’t bring myself to believe that nothing happens when you die, that the soul doesn’t live on an everything just blows to oblivion. In the gut of me, I just feel life does go on, and it’s like breaking free, of the chains, sorrow, pain. Just like a  caged, anxious bird, released and wings unfurled, a blissful flight. I am no longer afraid to leave this world. All of our struggles and our kindness will pay off in the end I embrace it. I know the Lord will not let us down.

Operation Aspiration

I know I have been slacking on this blog the last month, but so much has come up. Lost a loved one, someone very important to me, and the family, my beautiful grandmother. I still can’t sum up in words how I feel about her not being on this earth anymore. And then, there is the everyday stress of life and work. I lost my motivation to write for a while. Although, I have been tempted many times to pick it back up, but when I sit there in front of the screen, or in front of that paper, my emotions spill out right in front of me, unable to gather my thoughts and separate them as I try to work on my book. Instead, I end up with a journal like entry, and just delete the entire thing. Well, someone broke me from my gloomy trance the other day. I mean, I must have been so far gone, so out of tune, keeping to myself, if a simple reminder, a text from a friend, “You have friends you know? =)” opens my eyes to just how distant I was being.

I have always kept my feelings and emotions to myself. I hate drama, and I am always so worried to dump my life on to people I care about. I guess I never stopped to ask myself, “Do I have friends that care enough, that wouldn’t mind if I spill what’s been hurting me?” I have always been the listening, I am just not used to being the talker. It’s nice to have a friend, that slaps you around a bit, brings your mind back to earth and tells you, “We love you.”

More and more people have been approaching me, offering a shoulder, offering both listening ears, offering some time to take my mind off everything. And I am finding my stress to drift slowly away. With all the free room in the back of my mind, I have found myself drifting off to happier thoughts, old memories, beautiful memories, fun memories. I’ve thought about all the people that ever told me how much they love me, how beautiful I am, how charming I can be when I am not tripping on everything on the ground when I am always looking up. I start thinking about some of the great people I’ve spent time with, that looks at life in a certain way, who’ve taught me and inspired me to laugh at the small things, and take the big things with small, easy steps. There have been only a few people who I feel have made me the person I am today, and I need to remember, always, that I need to remain the person I’ve become, and not recline, I need to make them proud. They have put so much love and care into me, I would hate to make all that precious time spent with them, a waste.

One thought leads me to another, and here I am, back and inspired to keep doing better. Take all my pain, all my most loved memories, all my happiness, and put it all together, and complete a masterpiece and accomplish a long-dreamed goal. I won’t stop till it is finished. Book one will be completed, and I pray to God, there will be more influences to inspire me to writing more and more.

And on another note, I must get my hands on more canvas! I have run out and my mind has been going wild ever since the switch was turned back on! I’ve been sketching non-stop, I need to plaster all these thoughts with paint on canvas. I hope to be back here, continuing to post, whether people read this or not, it feels so good to get off my chest. To those who do read, I adore you, you are my inspiration.