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Heartstrings: Future Published Story: Hero Needs Name, Help?!

“Heartstrings”  will be my first published Contemporary romance. If I ever finish it! My sweet, talented man in this book has no name!

(So far on my Facebook page: the names, Ty(Tyler), Evan and Liam are at a tie!)

What will be the name of the man who has chocolate eyes, short black hair which is buzzed at the sides, fair skin, and is lead singer in a band with the voice of silky goodness? Oh, and the most important thing, is completely enamoured by broken girl Ava, who refuses to fall back into the clutches of love. He will do anything to prove his love is worth a shot, but Ava is full of excuses, but an attachment to this genuine man she can’t deny. (Working on actual synopsis when I actually get the story completed–or mostly completed! This story means a lot to me for many reasons, and I want it to be as near perfect as I can manage)

Here are the names I have so far for this hotty:
Ty (Tyler)

And here’s a basic idea of how “Nameless” looks in my head.



So, a friend directed me to this website to follow her post,  looked around some more, found that I like it very much here! I’ve been looking for a good blog spot for years now. I have been known my whole life to be over-ambitious, and face it, there just isn’t enough time in the world to make a living off everything I love. I write stories/lyrics, play guitar and piano, photography, camping/hiking, dancing, singing, sketching/painting, well, the list goes on. I’ve been looking for one place to keep a journal of some sort, to share anything I create and to keep me motivated to finish projects that never get finished otherwise, or  other hobbies, such as gaming, books reviews, etc. I guess I should introduce myself, my namy is Sky, I am 26 years old born in California, and resided now in dreadful Texas, with the most wonderful boyfriend of 4 years. I have the cutest pup Harley, and  a few cats…( don’t look at me like that) And a cockatiel named Sunny. A lot of my art and photography is based off mainly of animals and nature, which I am very much looking forward to posting soon.

Well, I have babbled on enough already and it is getting late here. But I am very excited to start this blog, and hope that anything I share may  be of interest! It has been my dream to express myself through my talents, and who knows. maybe this blog will help me overcome my fear of judgement and insecurity of displaying.