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Screenshots, people I’ve encountered, babbling about different MMOS that I play.

My MMORPG Beginning

Go ahead, say it! It doesn’t hurt me! I am a proud geek!

Back in the 90’s, my step father worked for a company that made computer games. Visiting him at work, built an urge to try a computer game for myself. We started with a game called Tribes. It was a first/3rd person shooter where you are placed in teams to; capture the flag, hold the objective, and bloodbath. I must have been around eleven years old playing that one. It was fun, I was hooked, couldn’t tear me off of that leather computer chair! Which totally wasn’t me. I was always (and still am) the kind of girl  who needs to go running around outside, get some fresh air, but there was something about that game the just kept pulling me in.

There were different server types you were able to create a character in, some called Shift, that let you build up extra points by breaking down an enemies defense in their base, or for building up your own base and every time your defenses killed someone, it would give you even more points. Some servers that enabled flying with no cost of energy, etc.  Then, instead of what most MMO’s have now, called races/classes, we had armor types. Very light armor for the whimsical scout, and big bulky heavy armor for the guys who want to get into the base successfully and blow the place up, and some armor in-between light and heavy. It was a very futuristic game; buildings that hovered in the sky, launch pads to send you jumping through the sky at enormous speeds, so you didn’t have to waste too much energy using your flight pack. Over 10 years later, they now have a free to play game. Still just as fun! But I just don’t have time to be playing it right now. Take a look at it sometime if you are interested in gaming! ( Tribes Ascend )

Now, on to the MMO that I’ve been in love with since 1999.

Alexsis, my Warlock from Everquest 2. Guild: Wings of Tunare

So, as you know my step dad got me into the whole online gaming world. In 1999 there was a game called Everquest  launched. I was sold… Lord of the Rings like?! Elves, faeries, gnomes, questing!!!! He let me have my own account when I was about 13, and boy, did that game get me in lots of trouble.  And I thought I was hooked on Tribes?! HA HA,   Everquest was the sole reason I became grounded from the computer so often. I would snap out of bed in the middle of a school night, and sneak on, and see if the mob I was camping for all day had  appeared yet (that took days sometimes)  Or just go to town on questing. It really did earn its name “Evercrack” for very good reasoning. Stealing marriages and children’s sleep one day at a time! My mother would see the glow of the screen emitting through the crack of the door and bust me right there. Well,  I will leave that memory at a halt right there, because years later, a 2nd version of the game launched called, well… Everquest 2. THIS… is where my MMO true love began…

Oh, where do I start. So… EQ2. This game is just as magical as the last. Beautiful graphics that leave you jaw-dropped, soooo much house decorating if you like Sims, (which I am still a Sim-head to this day) Here, you have portals you can place in your other homes to travel easily to other homes and your friends, or your guild hall for others to go visit and see your creation, and a tradeskill profession called Carpentry to build furniture for your houses. Loads of different houses to pick from in the towns or station cash marketplace. One of my favorites is this island in the sky, you have a clean slate to build what ever you wish. I have built a coliseum and a medieval castle in a couple of them. The possibilities of what to build are endless in this game! You have your typical raiding, colorful firework display of spells being casted, cute, handsome, hot races to pick from, what ever your desire is, some of the best appearance and gear from any other MMO I have played. The quests are good for passing any free time you may have when you are bored otherwise.  The people in this game that you meet, could soon be your best friend, or your best laugh. For the most part, you will find that this is where most of the intelligent MMO players go. Always a good chat, speaking of, voice integrated chat server which comes in handy a lot.

Oh, I could go on forever describing this game. This post was just simply an introduction to games I play. Overtime, I will post videos of houses I’ve built/decorated, adventures on my quests, and so on, and who knows, maybe you will be joining us! ( I have a wonderful guild I built 6 years ago, we’ve become somewhat of very tight-knitted far-away family) *nudge nudge cough cough*

I have to end the post here, so much to get done today! I hope to meet more of you who game as well!